Heidi Sandvoll studied with Joseph Blaustein in Los Angeles and than moved to West Marin where she has lived and worked as a painter for the last eighteen years.  She is a storyteller and likes to bring that quality to her painting.  That is one reason for the large size.  It brings the emotional expressionism of the work to epic proportions.  Though she is not a landscape painter, she has found the hills, ocean, rocks, grass slipping into her work in an iconic and symbolic way as the nature seems to seep into our beings and somehow begins to define who we are. “Obsession to Meditation” is a current body of work of pen on paper.  It is a study of letting the mind fall into a imaginary state of being and finding where it takes you. Sandvoll has shown her work in many Bay Area venues, as well as, in Los Angeles.   She also does installation work and set and costume design.

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